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« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2013, 02:00:31 AM »

You’ve got it right Frans on most parts. Anybody could do one them selves "if they know what their doing" i think experience/time and knowledge is part of this service though....

This is what this minimal fee entails - which is a very good offer!
This will be a Wordpress based site, with any one of 500 free themes out on the internet. Plug-ins and widgets are free versions. We can get all you need to set up just about any kind of website; real estate, online store, hotel, etc.
I will install one of these “purpose” modules on the site depending on what the customer wants to do. (In most case's it would have been a really excellent shopping cart system.)
Of course if the customer wants something special and has a budget, there are lots of improvements and benefits in buying selected themes and plugins.
Presumably these will be new websites.
It is entirely possible to buy any  domain name, and point it to your host of choice (my/your/our server) where wordpress can be installed. It is not dependent on wordpress’ own hosted blog solutions. 100% under your control under your domain / hosting.
Design and development and design will be in situ on the server / account of the customer. Once a theme is chosen, I will provide basic customization- add a logo, color changes to match company theme, etc.
Hosting- I will buy the domain name that the client wants, and provide the hosting. I’ll do this for 80us Per year. If the client wants to create their own registrar account and get their own name, that is OK. If they want to take ownership of the domain, they will need an account like this in the future so that I can transfer it to them.

Dont forget though content is all the owners responsibility and any good website / blog should be updated regular too achieve its rewards
And thats about it!

Having given this some serious thought and regarding the comments. i feel this is under priced for the service i will give and the end product that will be achieved. so i will be only taking 2 more on. then i will be putting the price up to 225US per word-press site... If i do anymore if time allows!

Cheers and beers

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« Reply #16 on: October 17, 2013, 11:59:42 AM »

I'm far too stupid to invest in other peoples interests.

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« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 02:29:44 PM »

You are rather over-pricing yourself for Cambodia.

For instance I will create a 5-page website* with logo design for $100 plus hosting and domain name fees.

Hosting can be had for free but the website will load slowwwwwly and sometimes be down or pay $50 a year for fast loading and 99.9% uptime.

Domain name fees are typically $10 - $15 a year.

* Client provides all photos / videos / text or pay a bit extra and I can do that all as well.

Anyone can PM me if interested and can view examples including free hosting and paid hosting of what they will get.

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« Reply #18 on: Yesterday at 03:09:01 PM »

domain name  $15/year
hosting (up to 10 mbs) $15/year  100% up time

Let it go,
wordpress is fine for individual/Vanity/blog sites BUT not for commercial use


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