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Author Topic: Waiting Service System....  (Read 99 times)
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« on: September 17, 2012, 06:01:27 AM »

This system has been going a while, however I think its something that would work in Cambodia...

I havent seen it about but I could be wrong...( Tim is trying something like it in his "Sub" bar )

I cannot get my photos up...but if you goggle ...The Counter   they are a CA Burger Franchise..... and go to the menu (thin A4 sheet given to customers ) has boxes

which the customers tick ...thats your order !! you just hand it to the waiting staff,

No waiting staff mistakes....

It works in the US...its taken off in Europe in a few different guises machines/handheld that take the order.

Any operation that has multiple choice food Pizza, Burger,Pasta,Sandwich,...Braworst ( should be a hint there where I got the idea ...:) )

Principal is the same ...the customer makes the order

 Breakfast in a smaller format...tick off your choices...

Then its up to the cook staff...the provision buyer etc.... ....

Hey....who said it was easy....:)

PS .....Making a few of these US thingys...Ranch Sauce /Stringed onions....they are the business

( The stringed onions make a real mess of the oil )
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