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Poker Run tickets selling fast! Get yours from Charlie Harper's, The Rebels Bar, Snooky's, Kong Bar, Martini Bar, Ochheuteal Guesthouse, Shipwreck Bar Stevie C's and the Groovy Grouper!

Welcome to Sihanoukville Online!

Sihanoukville Online is a friendly forum developed to be a one stop resource for people visiting or relocating to Cambodia's beautiful coastal resort.

You will find a wealth of easily accessible information inside, everything from getting your first Visa, to advice on buying a business. Obviously there is plenty of information on things to do, places to see, where to stay and where to eat and drink too.

It's a free forum and very simple to join, why not give it a go.

Today at 04:50:47 PM by Steve Cline | Views: 67 | Comments: 2

Wall collapse on Sakal Bungalows street near Harbor Lights, Victory Hill.
Yesterday at 04:59:03 PM by Steve Cline | Views: 198 | Comments: 5

The Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia are stopping all traffic on Ekareach; must be a VIP arriving. ‪‎
August 18, 2014, 09:06:10 AM by Frans
Views: 214 | Comments: 4

What's happens?


You don't have permission to access /forum/sihanoukville-bar-crawls/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle t...
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August 06, 2014, 12:31:46 AM by wolfy
Views: 801 | Comments: 33

Trip Reports
OK well I'm not long back home after a 3 month stay in Sihanoukville i must say for a single guy in his 30's it's pretty much Disneyland for adults and i really have very little if nothing at all negative to report. I stayed in Charlie Harper's and this turned out to be a wise decision as the owner and the patrons are a friendly crazy lot and will point you in the way of whatever it is you might be looking to do or see and will happily include you in whatever is going on which is good if you happen to be travelling alone. I was very much aware of what i would describe as a " family " type atmosphere. So down to the nitty gritty as beer drinking becomes a major part of your life as does the company you keep while consuming it locations are important. Other than Charlie Harper's ( A cold beer was less 30 seconds walk from my bedroom :) ) i would recommend The Sky Bar on the dirt track to ochheuteal beach always a great atmosphere beer very cheap at 50 cent a go and a decent menu. Charnai...
July 24, 2014, 07:06:15 PM by obelisks | Views: 888 | Comments: 8

Local News
I don't know how many readers on Sihanoukville Forum have read the comments on the Cambodia Expat online forum about Violence in Sihanoukville and more to the point whether those that are living there agree with the sentiments (see link to the forum below).
If it is true I find it very sad because I have spent some very enjoyable times in Sihanoukville, particularly during the period 2003 to 2008. At one time I was seriously considering moving to live there from Thailand.
This thread about violence seems to suggest that it has changed in a big way.
I was also thinking about how many business places have disappeared, particularly the old pubs and the hotels along the main street.
Then I remembered about a really good pizza restaurant (made in a fire that was run by a European guy on victory Hill and I wondered if it was still open?
July 16, 2014, 02:17:35 PM by casper
Views: 346 | Comments: 0

Dining Out
An authoritative review penned by Carlo Marx :)

Having heard a few enthusiastic whispers about new eatery 'The Spot' (round about where Occhuteal Beach meets Otres Beach - on the road past the Gendarmerie), I decided to make the trip along to see if the whispers were worth increasing to a shout. And boy, I'm glad I made the trip.

Already popular among the Russian ex-pats, this could be one of the best new restaurants in Sihanoukville this year.

Owned and run by a Dubai/Russian couple and with an Uzbekhi chef (and an Aussie - or maybe Kiwi - manager called Dave Mealey; tres cosmopolitan) this could soon be full every night. The chef has an immaculate pedigree and has spent the last few years as a private chef to an oligarch in Dubai, but has come to Cambodia to help what is his sort of godson (In an Uzbekhi style).

The food is a little pricier than many venues, which may put some of the kun leow crowd off, but damn is it wo...
pip khmer cowgirl
December 14, 2013, 04:48:48 PM by pip khmer cowgirl
Views: 1238 | Comments: 21

Dining Out
Triple M Attack @ Hole-in-the-Wall
Maliís Momís Malay Beef Curry makes for a marvelous meal.
The matriarch of the Malis clan, affectionately known a Mama Malis is a seasoned veteran in the kitchen. One of her specialties is Malay Beef Curry.
First off, Mama selects choice, very tender beef for her curry which is a big plus.  Unlike most beef that is served in econo-eateries around town that is as tough and grisly as shoe leather, butchered from cows older than Methuselah, Mamaís beef is delicate and juicy. Literally melts in your mouth.
She smothers the exquisite beef in her own secret Malay curry recipe she developed when she was a chef for UN staff members in South East Asia. They all gobbled it down, you will too. Be forewarned, itís highly seasoned with a spicy level that will cure what ails you. If it were chili, it would be called 3.5 or 4 alarm chili. Damn good smoking hot stuff.
Mamaís tasty, fragrant beef and carrot curry is flavored with her own M...
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