Bars for Sale, Golden Lion Plaza Complex, Sihanoukville

The owner of Pacinos Bar in the complex recently purchased the last two available bars in the Golden Lion Plaza. After a full refurbishment of both bars, renamed Kiss Bar and The Shack, and a breakdown in a business partnership, he’s decided to put them up for sale.

All three of the bars are centrally located, two are already trading with a regular flow of customers, and he’s almost completed the work on ‘The Shack’.

Pacino's Bar, Golden Lion Complex, SihanoukvillePacinos, has been trading for some time now and is certainly one of the most popular bars in the Plaza, the price of $22,000 includes goodwill, all stock, huge plasma TV, Big Fridge, recently built Kitchen area, Pool Table and 2 / 3 rooms used for accomodation. The bar is very well fitted out with quality fittings and the staff are loyal and long serving.


Kiss Bar, Golden Lion Complex, SihanoukvilleKiss Bar, the old Asylum Bar, has recently had a ground up ‘revamp’ and is looking good. Again nicely fitted out with pool table, football table and 3 rooms for accomodation. At only $11,000 it includes all stock and goodwill ……. an excellent opportunity for someone to aquire a ‘turnkey’ business and a place to live for very little money.


The Shack, Golden Lion Plaza, SihanoukvilleThe Shack was the last available bar in the complex and its now in the final stages of completion. The ‘theme’ of ‘rustic’ with a distinctly ‘modern’ slant works extremely well and will make this bar really stand out in the complex, if not the town! It comes with Pool Table, all fixtures and fittings and a nice kitchen area. Asking price is $11,000.


All the bars come with all furniture and are available immediately to maximise returns during the current ‘high season’.

For more information, contact the owner via his website or make a comment here, if I don’t know the answer I’ll contact the owner on your behalf.

13 thoughts on “Bars for Sale, Golden Lion Plaza Complex, Sihanoukville

  1. I’ve heard that the Plaza has had a lot of bad press. Problems with the law, and the locals. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve read blogs from Pacino’s bar and there is a lot of negative comments. Is this true? Also from what I understand the bar, previously known as Asylum doesn’t have a very noticable location.

  2. Hi Josh, I know a few of the owners there and i can say i’ve never anything about problems with the police.

    Only trouble I can think of actually stemmed from the old manager of the Asylum Bar, he had a fallout with a few of the local moto riders and threatened one. Big mistake.

    The bar closed soon after. That was over 6 months ago though, and the place has got a good crowd in there now.

    The owners and management recently installed a great new sign above the entrance and this has made a big difference to footfall as the complex can now be seen from the main road.

    As for the old Asylum (now Kiss Bar) not having a good location, this was probably down to the fact that when the complex was built, they overdid things on ‘greenery’. A couple of the plant filled ‘islands’ have now been removed and this has opened the place up a lot. Much better.

  3. Thanks Casper. Good to hear that things are going well around there

    I’m looking for a vacation and a place to retire. Running a bar down there sounds great.

  4. haha.
    my dad used to own the Asylum.
    if youre planning on buying down there good luck to you!
    Elvis has done a nice job..[i think he let a cambodian name it though]
    its just unlucky about having John down there..
    And well Keith is a bit of a prick.
    but good luck cos’ Andy and Lee are ok [if theyre still there]..Simon in Banshee is nice..the old guys Aaron and Richard in shipwreck were good, never spoke to the guy in there now..Paddy, well you hardly see him..never met the guy in the bottom left[after Jimmy]..
    then you have John. His wife is nice but may wake you up screaming some nights..[due mainly to the fact he likes to push her down stairs and break her legs..]

    But overall, even if you hate the plaza, sihanoukville is a wonderful place to live…

  5. Hi Natalie,

    You’ll be pleased to hear that John has returned home, don’t know the full story, but he basically lost all of his custom and then fell ill.

    Whilst he was in hospital, his wife stripped the bar completely (good for her) and went back to vietnam.

    On the whole the place has a decent set of owners in there now, the place still hasn’t taken off, but it’s certainly busier than it was.

    Have to agree on the “Sihanoukville is a wonderful place to live” quote too!

  6. Been a few guys down to take a look, one of which was very serious I believe …… to my knowledge nothing has gone through yet though.

    I’ve heard that things havn’t been as bad here as they have over in Thailand, that said, things are starting to quieten down now.

    Many of the restaurants just outside the Golden Lion Complex on Ochheuteal have been really busy, but the bars don’t seem to have benefitted much by this. That said, they are busier than they were.

    Rumour has it that the the ‘General’ who lives a few plots down from the complex has purchased all the remaining plots around it, he’s going to build a 100 room resort there. If / when it happens, that’ll certainly make a difference!

  7. Hi…

    I’m going to be heading down your way from Thailand next week, to look at a few possible places for sale or lease. Beer/beach bars.

    Are there still any ubits available and is all the work finshed on “The Shack”?

    If you have any information, I will be happy to meet up with you when I come down.


  8. Be great to meet up with you sammy, yes the Shack is still up for sale as a few other venues around town, I’ll be happy to pass on what I can.

    See you then

  9. A friend and I will be down for a visit, and to explore business opportunities 30 Jan – 04 Feb. What bars (if any) are still for sale?

  10. Hi Paul, the plaza has really developed this season and it’s definitely ‘on the map’ now as far as local watering holes go.

    As of this week, all but one of the bars are open, there are actually a couple of the bars for sale though …….. best thing to do, is when you hit town just look me up and i’ll be more than happy to give you the low down on what’s available.

  11. Hello,
    I am looking to buy into a bar in May or June. Do you think someone is looking to sell during the low season.
    I was considering buying a guesthouse but now considering a bar.
    If i buy a ticket to fly there do you think something will be available. Please take this post seriously as i am 95% sure i will be coming to Sihanouk ville for the next few years at least.
    Please reply to my email address with any information about someone who might be thinking of selling around that time and please give me an idea of a realistic price.
    Kindest regards, Dave.

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