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Chalice-CoverAnyone that has visited Thailand and Cambodia cannot help but become in some way ‘attached’ to either or both countries. It’s impossible to be unmoved by the sights, smells and tastes that flood the senses.

It’s no surprise then to find that books which reference the many locations such as beaches, bars, restaurants and temples, are extremely popular. They help refresh the memories of places you have actually visited, sometimes even reminding you of people that you have actually met.

Two such books are ”Buddha’s Tooth” and ”Chalice”, both written by local, Sihanoukville based Author Robert A. Webster.

These books detail the travels, turmoils and temptations of a group of friends as they make their way around Thailand and Cambodia, I won’t give away any of the story, but I have to say that although the works are in the main ”fiction” the detail that the Author goes into allows you to become completely transported back to Asia where you can once again relive and enjoy memories of places you have visited.

Written with an ”insiders knowledge”, the books give a fascinating background to the towns and people which combined with the sharp wit of the Author makes the book ‘unputdownable’!

Robert Webster has graciously allowed Sihanoukville Online to provide his two published books as free downloads, and here are the links.

Buddha’s Tooth

Chalice – Buddha’s Tooth 2

Together these books have already been downloaded and enjoyed by over 5000 readers!

If you would prefer to read the actual books however, you can call into the Golden Lion Plaza and pick up either or both books and even have them personally signed by Robert himself.

Contact me via this site for futher information.

2 thoughts on “Free eBooks by local writer

  1. 2 great books. I read the first one three times and still chuckle.A lot of the characters in the second I have met .Very descriptive, true to life great adventure

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