Bike Hire in Sihanoukville

lockFor most people that visit town, it’s common to hire a scooter for the duration of their stay. There are a few things you should keep in mind though.

Prices vary depending on the time of year, how long you need it for, and who / where you rent from. You’ll be charged anything from 7 dollars per day, down to 3 dollars per day, it really pays to shop around.

It’s usual to be asked to hand over your Passport as security, though many people have a problem with this. Occasionally, they will accept you country’s ID card or Driving Licence as an alternative.

The Police in Sihanoukville are extremely vigilant regarding the new Helmet Laws now, and if you are stopped for not wearing a helmet, it pays to smile and accept the fine gracefully. I’ve heard the fine ranging from 3k riel to 7k riel (less than two dollars).

Most hire companies will provide a means of securing your bike as theft of Moto’s is a fairly commonplace occurrence here. It is highly recommended that you invest in your own padlock however, so if you don’t carry one with you on your travels (a good idea) then one can be purchased from the many bike shops or even supermarkets in Sihanoukville.

Security of the bike really can’t be stressed enough, a well known ‘personality’ around Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Adam from the Bayon Pearnik, had his bike stolen whilst visiting the town a couple of nights ago. He was apparently told repeated by other people in the bar to move the bike to a place within eyesight, but he decided against it. Goes to show that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in Cambodia, you are still given opportunities to learn!

Another thing is the Cambodian Driving Licence. You probably won’t have one (but they can be bought for around 45 dollars) and the Licence from your home country, even an International Driving Licence will not be accepted. Once again, accept the small fine rather than ‘fight’ something that you really aren’t going to ‘win’.

Finally, Insurance, you really do take your life in your own hands when riding a bike around asia. In most cases your travel insurance does not include accidents involving the use of Motorcycles in Asia. Check the fine print very carefully!

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